NEW WAYS OF THINKING, the edition guest edited by Mark Major now online

New Ways Thinking Future Lighting

With the climate crisis as the greatest challenge of our time, the renowned lighting designer Mark Major and lightecture have joined forces to launch New Ways of Thinking.The Future of Lighting, a bilingual publication in English and Spanish that highlights the need to rethink our ways of living and the role that lighting must play in balancing the needs of people with the planet.

Knowing that lighting contributes directly to global warming, it is time to use our imaginations to bring about profound changes in our thinking and ways of doing things. Only then we will overcome the fear of change and challenge conventional wisdom.

Through interesting articles by Mark Major, Benz Roos, Iain Ruxton, Sakchin Besset, Mariana Figueiro and Luc Gwiazdzinski, interviews with Daan Roosegaarde and Agustin Pérez-Torres and a futuristic story by Roger Narboni, the edition New Ways of Thinking.The Future of Lighting provides elements for reflection and inspiration to create a better future.  

We are confident that readers will find something interesting within this forward looking publication that will inspire them to start creating the future today.

This special edition has been possible thanks to the support of LAMP, LEDS C4, LINEA LIGHT, LLURIA, MOLTO LUCE, PROLICHT, SIMON and LUCI and APDI associations.

Click on this link to access the online edition.

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